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iVT splash screen We are pleased to announce the premiere of iVoiceTherapy, an iOS application designed to compliment the care of patients undergoing voice therapy. The program is appropriate for a wide variety of diagnoses including vocal cord lesions, scar, muscle tension, vocal cord weakness, peri-operative care, cough, paradoxical vocal fold movement and singing rehabilitation. iVoiceTherapy offers efficient rehabilitative exercises that maximize tone clarity by balancing respiratory, phonatory and articulatory effort. Biofeedback features involving vocal hygiene, pitch, loudness and cough frequency are included.  Task completion is recorded within the application history to monitor exercise compliance.  iVoiceTherapy allows clinicians to program exercises at regular intervals throughout the day promoting awareness, habituation and efficient recoveries.

iVoiceTherapy FAQs

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Please join us for a free 0.15 ASHA CEU webinar to acquire basic app navigation and functionality.  Details:  ASHA brand block, time-ordered agenda, course objectives, disclosures  Course: AAVT-0028 (Beginner level; Professional area)

iVT Intro Webinar Recording.  Held 8.7.14.  Available for ASHA CEUs 8.23.14 – 8.6.15.

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