“Both the on-line and hands-on courses given by Endo Education were excellent. The instruction was clear, the information was practical and immediately applicable, and both Erin and Liza were gracious in explaining the process and patiently guiding us step-by-step, sharing their resources, and providing us with insights to questions that we didn’t even know we had! The set-up for the course was efficient, and the instructors (also including Dr. Philip Weissbrod) provided patient and specific hands-on instruction from slightly different perspectives, which was helpful. The passion they feel for their work is inspiring, and my colleagues and I left excited to apply what we had learned.”
Shawn Marinkovich, MS, CCC-SLP
Tri-City Medical Center
Oceanside, alifornia
“FANTASTIC course! I have participated in many certifications and training courses, and this is by far the best I have ever attended! For someone who is a hands on learner this is the perfect set up, by getting to do online course education and showing up the day of the course to immediately get a hands on learning experience and practice scoping. The course, set up of the training and especially the instructors could not be more accommodating of your learning style. Erin and Liza are amazing clinicians, provide you with superior education and training, and are genuinely wonderful people who provide you with all the support and encouragement to be successful. I would highly recommend this course for all the reasons listed above, but above all, the trainers are some of the most sincere people who truly care about going above and beyond to help you succeed.”
Charissa Lock, MS, CCC-SLP
Mercy Hospital – Joplin, Missouri
“I have attended two endoscopy trainings through Endo-Education and I cannot speak highly enough of my experience.  The classes were kept small and intimate, the instructors were excellent, and most importantly, I now feel comfortable passing both rigid and flexible endoscopes.  I couldn’t ask for anything else.  Thanks for putting on such a great course!”
Rob Rethans, MA, CCC-SLP
Mammoth Lakes, California
“The SLPs at Endo Education, Erin and Liza, are wonderful hosts and trainers.  They made us all feel very comfortable.  Dr. Salgado came to administer the numbing medicine.  We had eight trainees, and we scoped each other using the flexible nasendoscope.  Erin and Liza provided hand over hand guidance when needed.  We observed the abduction/adduction movement of the vocal folds and arytenoids during speaking and pitch glides, and observed swallowing function while consuming yogurt.   We also used a rigid oral scope with videostroboscopy, to scope each other, and also to perform a voice evaluation for two students from the music program at SDSU.  We learned about sterilization procedures in the hospital versus private practice settings, and protocols to document which scope was used with a specific patient or client. I would highly recommend the live endoscopy training at Endo Education! “
Joan Santon, M.S.
Burbank, California
“Thank you for everything you and Lisa offered on Sunday. Both of you are natural and excellent teachers and offer your skills with such precision and grace — an unusual combo.”
Mara Trafficante, MA, CCC-SLP
Altadena, California