Throat IQ

What is your voice and swallowing acumen?  Check your answers below.

1) Which structure is the last barrier to prevent food or liquid from going into your lungs?

          a) Tongue Base

          b) Trachea

          c) Vocal Cords

          d) Soft Palate 

2) What is a cause of chronic cough?

          a) Reflux

          b) Post-nasal drip

          c) Nerve damage

          d) All of the above

3) Why might someone have difficulty swallowing after radiation treatment for head and neck cancer?

          a) Muscle stiffness

          b) Surgical removal of mouth and throat structures

          c) Dry mouth

          d) Malnutrition

          e) All of the above

4) Why does smoking usually change the quality of someone’s voice?

          a) Reduced lung power

          b) Chronic vocal cord swelling

          c) Vocal nodules

          d) Aging effects

5) How can newborn tongue-tie cause feeding problems?

          a) Incomplete seal on nipple

          b) Fatigue while nursing

          c) Poor stimulation of milk supply

          d) Maternal discomfort

          e) All of the above 

6) What is the best method to determine if you are well hydrated?

          a) Drink 100oz of water per day

          b) Avoid caffeine

          c) Limit alcohol

          d) Clear urination

7) Why can a stroke cause choking while eating or drinking?

          a) Muscle weakness and incoordination

          b) Decreased appetite

          c) Poor hand to mouth coordination

          d) Slurred speech

8) How can singers and actors prevent vocal problems?

          a) Conserve vocal use in noisy places

          b) Avoid eating and drinking before bed

          c) Warm-up voice before performing

          d) Consume a lot of water; limit caffeine and alcohol

          e) All of the above

 9) How many ounces of milk does a 4 month old baby typically drink in 24 hours?

          a) 40-50oz

          b) 15-20oz

          c) 25-30oz

          d) 35-40oz

10) What is generally the most effective, long-term treatment for vocal nodules, caused by overuse?

          a) Surgery

          b) Vocal rest

          c) Voice therapy

          d) Drink more water

          e) Botox



Answers:  1)c     2)d     3)e     4)b     5)e     6)d     7)a     8)e     9)c     10)c