National Foundation of Swallowing Disorders

Ed Steger – President
Sonia Blue – Former President
Dr. Peter Belafsky – Medical Advisor
Jan C. Pryor – Dysphagia Consultant
Michael S. Donovan – Treasurer/Development





The National Foundation of Swallowing Disorders (NFOSD) in a non-profit organization dedicated to patient support and education, comprehensive dysphagia research, and increasing community awareness of this debilitating disorder.  Their Mission is to advance the treatment of swallowing disorders in our lifetime.


Dysphagia is more than a diagnosis; it is a life changing disorder that can wreak havoc on patients’ quality of life. The nature of the disability manifests in both physical and emotional deficits that can lead to malnutrition, pneumonia and disengagement from society. A multidisciplinary team of volunteers dedicated to sharing their skills to enhance the management of the disorder staffs the foundation. The NFOSD website offers a multitude of resources for patients, families and clinical providers.  Patients can navigate through the site to acquire meaningful information about the disorder, identify therapeutic supplies and services and locate a dysphagia support group in their area. Patients are also encouraged to share their real-life struggles and successes on the site as a way of educating and motivating newly diagnosed individuals. The site also welcomes clinicians seeking out the most up to date research and treatment options for restoring swallowing ability.