High Resolution Manometry to Manage Complex Dysphagia

Course Description

This presentation reviews how high-resolution manometry (HRM) transitioned from a research technology to a clinical tool. The opportunity to measure pressures may provide the clinician a more complete profile for planning treatment for patients with complex dysphagia. Case examples are presented to demonstrate the opportunities manometry offers to investigate pressure events during swallowing.

Time ordered agenda

15 minutes – Evolution of HRM for oral-pharyngeal disorders
15 minutes – Techniques and competencies to perform HRM
15 minutes – Case studies
15 minutes  –  Question and answer

Learning Objectives

1) Describe how HRM permits visualization of the pharynx amid 12 sensors.
2) Develop protocol for GI collaboration and training to integrate HRM for oral-pharyngeal disorders.
3) Verbalize patient populations for which HRM is inappropriate.


Molly Knigge, MA, CCC-SLP, BCS-S
Financial: Employed at University of Wisconson Madison Medical Center
Non-Financial: Nothing to disclose

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