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Aspiration Pneumonia in Patients with Dysphagia

Course Description

This hour webinar was hosted by the National Foundation of Swallowing Disorders and featured Tiffany Mohr, a medical speech pathologist, with extensive experience in complex swallowing disorders.  It is appropriate for introductory level clinicians seeking review of lung physiology, phases of swallowing and risk factors for aspiration developing into a pneumonia.  Ms. Mohr provides guidance on other types of pneumonia and how they are distinctly different from those related to aspiration.  She discusses aspiration risks based on specific populations including stroke and cancer.  The webinar concludes with a 30 minute question and answer session.  The audience was a mixture of patients, caregivers and speech pathologists.

Time ordered agenda

15 minutes – Basic lung function and swallow physiology.
10 minutes – Pneumonia acquisition.
5 minutes – Medical co-morbidities and aspiration pneumonia.
30 minutes  –  Question and answer

Learning Objectives

1) Describe normal reflex when foreign material enters lungs.
2) Differentiate types of pneumonia and how each are acquired.
3) Verbalize 3 risk factors for development of aspiration pneumonia.


Tiffany Mohr, MA, CCC-SLP
Financial: Nothing to disclose
Non-Financial: Nothing to disclose

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