School-Based Pediatric Voice Thearpy

Course Description

This course is designed for school-based clinicians to develop competence in identification and management of voice pathologies to extend beyond typical vocal hygiene and conservation protocols.  Numerous audio and video samples are provided to demonstrate a wide variety of voice disorders, determine which students are good therapy candidates and what are the most efficient means to address the dysphonia therapeutically.

Time ordered agenda

60 minutes – Ear training and overview of vocal pathologies

60 minutes – How to do voice therapy: breath management, resonance, laryngeal massage, voice onsets, inflection, biofeedback

5 minutes – How to conduct a thorough voice evaluation

10 minutes – Writing reports and creating therapy goals

15 minutes – 5 case studies

Learning Objectives

1) Differentiate hoarse, harsh, breathy, strained and strangled voice qualities

2) Identify differences on videostrobscopy amid nodules, polyps, cysts, papilloma, hemorrhage, paralysis, muscle tension dysphonia, irritable larynx syndrome and granuloma

3) Apply perceptual dysphonia, videostrobe findings and self-ratings as functional basis for treatment goals.


Erin Walsh

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