Multidisciplinary Management of Dysphagia

Course Description

This lecture provides guidance to develop multidisciplinary teams for complex dysphagia. Care algorhythms are proposed utilizing colleagues within otolaryngology, neurology, allergy/immunology, social work, dietary and nursing. Strategies are provided to identify team members with particular interest and expertise in dysphagia to minimize treatment errors and generate the most effective outcomes. Guidance to perform financially responsible care within bundled payments is offered.

Time ordered agenda

10 minutes – case study and review of current literature, examples of centers of excellence

5 minutes – multidisciplinary management teams

10 minutes – benefits of team-based care

5 minutes – how to develop a multidisciplinary center of excellence

10 minute – discussion of dysphagia contribution from varying specialty disciplines

Learning Objectives

1) Identify current practices within your own organization which may be enhanced by adding colleagues to dysphagia management teams.

2) Discuss barriers within your present practice models and propose strategies to overcome them.


Liza Blumenfeld

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