iPhone Apps for Voice & Swallowing Disorders

Course Description

The course is designed to offer clinicians a unique view of emerging technologies that will have a profound impact on delivery of voice and swallowing therapy in the immediate future. It offers background on the intrinsic need for creative therapy design models as a result of unsustainable cost structure. Changes in reimbursement as well as the unique promise of mobile technology are reviewed. Specific programs that allow clinicians to prescribe a customized treatment plan that is supported by patients’ personal mobile device are described.

Time ordered agenda

15 minutes – Review of broad-based use of mobile technology

15 minutes – Interplay between mobile technology and evolving medical platforms

15 minutes – Introduction of two iOS applications specific to voice and swallowing

5 minutes – Summary and Wrap-up

Learning Objectives

  1. Explain how broad-based accessibility via mobile devices can impact delivery of medical services
  2. Explain how existing healthcare delivery models are inefficient and unsustainable
  3. Describe specific examples of existing applications that are changing the healthcare delivery model
  4. Describe how existing and future iOS applications can have a tangible impact on rehabilitation of voice and swallowing disorders


Liza Blumenfeld

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