Interpreting & Documenting Strobe Findings for SLP

Course Description

The intent of this course is to demonstrate common abnormal findings during laryngeal videostroboscopy and how to utilize descriptive language within your scope of practice for interpretation.  Numerous report examples are provided where the following parameters are assessed: true vocal folds, free edges, false vocal folds, glottal closure, AB/AD movement, mucosal wave, phase symmetry, periodicity, arytenoids, vertical height, secretions.  Case studies are briefly discussed to illustrate potential causes of the pathologies and how they were managed.

Time ordered agenda

15 min exams of common pathologies, 25 min exams with report examples of interpretation

Learning Objectives

1) Identify vocal fold lesions, vocal fold immobility and neurogenic conditions during laryngeal videostroboscopy.

2) Demonstrate proficiency interpreting normal and abnormal aspects of exam.

3) Verbalize common etiologies of pathologies and strategies for management.


Erin Walsh

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