Healthcare Reform for SLPs

Course Description

This course is designed to provide clinicians with a basic understanding of the Affordable Care act with emphasis on key clauses that will most strongly impact the healthcare delivery system and specifically, the subspecialty of medical speech pathology. Highlighted areas will include modified reimbursement rates, increased regulatory surveillance, Cash-Pay Opportunities and projected supply/demand dilemmas. Speech Pathologists will be given a variety of recommendations to assist with these transitions and promote optimal fiscal viability.

Time ordered agenda

10 minutes – Rationale for healthcare reform

20 minutes – Key healthcare reform terms

15 minutes – How to navigate the reform as a healthcare provider

15 minutes – Cash pay wellness

Learning Objectives

1) Define three key clauses of healthcare reform policy

2) Provide three strategies to help to maximize reimbursement

3) Implement techniques to develop a cash pay service line


Liza Blumenfeld

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