FEES and Biofeedback

Course Description

Description: This course is designed to provide you with an understanding of the benefits of fiberoptic endoscopy as a therapeutic modality. We will review the rationale for use of biofeedback in the clinical arena with supportive evidenced-based data. You will be provided with the methodology for performing the technique with inclusion and exclusion criteria for determining candidacy.  Specific video samples will be included in order to provide you with functional examples of the efficacy of the technique.

Time ordered agenda

15 minutes clinical research review, 15 minutes technique, 10 minutes patient selection, 20 minutes video examples

Learning Objectives

1) Provide 3 clinical benefits of FEES as a biofeedback device

2) Specify the appropriate patient for the technique

3) Describe how to perform the technique

4) Discuss ways to incorporate FEES as biofeedback into your plan of care


Liza Blumenfeld

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