Comprehensive Voice Therapy Guide

Course Description

This course is designed to assist you in creating functional, efficient care plans for children and adults.  It stresses the role of patient motivation in therapy and how to engage each individual in developing their own goals.  Auditory training is provided to improve your differentiation of voice quality distortions.  Specific therapeutic maneuvers relative to breathing, resonance, flexibility and positioning are discussed.   Live therapy clips are interspersed throughout the lecture.  Professional voice care for singers completes the lecture with differentiation of voice classifications and examples of how to modify singing or speaking production based on symptomology.

Time ordered agenda

15 min technique, 15 min application to varying diagnoses, 15 min ear training, 15 min professional voice

Learning Objectives

1) Simplify recommendations to alter speaking biomechanics for most efficient outcome.

2) Differentiate hoarse, harsh, breathy voice qualities.

3) Recommend specific therapeutic techniques based on diagnoses.

4) Provided strategies to professional voice user, even if SLP is not musically inclined.


Erin Walsh

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