Bedside Swallow Evaluation

Course Description

This course is designed for a beginning medical clinician or for the seasoned school-based therapist transitioning into a medical career.  The lecture allows the learner to ascertain fundamentals of bedside swallowing assessments including oral-motor exam, strategies to administer various textures, association of swallow distress with specific pathophysiologies, recommendations for objective testing, demonstration of compensatory positioning, guidance for altering diets, assistance with report writing and 5 case studies.

Time ordered agenda

30 minutes – supplies for swallow exam, objective documentation of baseline function, techniques to administer food/liquid

10 minutes – demonstration of compensatory swallow techniques, how to recommend a diet

30 minutes – consideration of inpatient vs outpatient, special populations, making appropriate referrals

10 minutes – determine whether to recommend a FEES vs MBSE

10 minutes – report examples, writing goals, 5 case studies

Learning Objectives

1) Perform comprehensive swallowing assessment on individuals who present as either NPO with poor secretion management, or problem solve higher level patients struggling on their regular diet.

2) Provide rationale for recommendation of either skilled meal assessment, FEES or MBSE.

3) Demonstrate 5 various swallowing strategies to improve PO tolerance.


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