ASHA Cooperative Offering Guide

If your organization is not a CE provider and wishes to conduct a learning event, we can work with you to determine if it meets ASHA Continuing Education Board (CEB) criteria.

Here are the steps involved:

  1. We need to be involved in the planning of your course to assure it meets ASHA CEB requirements.
  2. You can then move into course development where you select qualified individuals to plan and promote the learning event.
  3. As you identify instructors, provide them with resources to create content that is evidenced-based.
  4. The course planners will review the CEB financial and non-financial disclosure guidelines to accurately reflect their own and the instructor disclosures on promotional and learning material.  We need to assure that any conflicts are resolved through disclosure.  If not, it could prohibit participation in planning and teaching.  Disclosure also pertains to course content that is exclusive to a product or service.  If so, your promotional material must state exclusivity.  Example:  This course exclusively uses Pentax endoscopy equipment.  Financial support for the event needs to be disclosed as well.  Example:  Financial support for this learning event was provided by Pentax.  If you were provided with support for the CE event, we need to be involved in decisions relating to allocation and disbursement.
  5. You will then create a needs assessment (page 198).  The CEB link provides extensive detail how to do this.  Essentially we want to assure you identify that the prospective learners will fulfill an educational gap with your program.  You will identify the current skill set and why it is in need of enrichment to enhance practice standards.
  6. Next you create learning outcomes based on identified needs of potential participants.
  7. Develop course content, delivery method, appropriate facilities and resources/aids to accomplish learning outcomes.
  8. If you elect to have exhibitors, they must be in a separate space from the learning event.  We will help guide you for appropriate and compliant set up.  This also applies to any advertisement, which must be located outside of your class.
  9. Decide how you will establish satisfactory completion of the CE event and assess learning outcomes.  You will need a method of monitoring attendance and achievement of learning outcomes.  In your promotional material, please mention how you will assess their knowledge:  performance demonstration, written or oral report, self-assessment, project completion, written or oral exam or question and answer session.
  10. You will need a method of evaluating your course.  If you plan to teach the same class, we will ask how you use feedback to generate future iterations of the learning event.
  11. It is now time to develop a time ordered agenda.  ASHA has specific requirements of how you will calculate CEUs (see Course Registration).  In your promotional material (virtual or physical), you need to include our brand block and the ASHA CEU Statement.  It must be to the exact specifications of the ASHA CEB.  You may use whichever Endo Education brand block is most appropriate for your promotional material.
  12. You are almost finished!  Next you will pay the ASHA Cooperative Offering Fee.  ASHA charges us $325 and we charge $325 for our time so it is a total $650 fee.  If you are registering a repeat offering (same course offered again within the same year), it is $50 from ASHA + $50 processing fee.  ASHA imposes a $900 annual fee to maintain CE provider status and periodic $600 to review our providership.  Your fees also help us cover this cost.
  13. Now you will submit all of the aforementioned mentioned action items to us for review.  We will require all promotional material, which may be a combination of website and paper flyers.  Kindly allow 1-2 weeks for us to review your material.  We will discuss any edits needed.  Hopefully there will be very few as we are involved throughout your entire planning process.
  14. Once the cooperative offering fee is received and edits are complete, we will register your class.  ASHA typically responds within 1-2 weeks and lets us know if additional modifications are needed.
  15. At your learning event, you will need to distribute these participant forms.  Please discuss with us in advance how to collect participant information as we submit all data electronically and there are specifications of .CSV files that we would like for you use use.  The participant forms are a back up method of assuring we have complete data for record keeping.  You will develop your own certificate of completion whether electronic or physical.  It needs to include our brand block.
  16. Once your course is complete, you need to submit the alphabetized participant forms and .CVS files.  We will give this to ASHA on your behalf.  ASHA then responds with a course roster in 1-2 weeks  We will collectively verify all participants are accurately awarded partial or full CEU credit.