Medical SLP Coursework

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Anatomy & Physiology COVER Description: This course is a meticulous overview of upper aerodigestive tract anatomy and physiology. It serves as a foundation for professionals addressing the needs of patients with voice and swallowing problems and is especially critical when preparing for transnasal and transoral endoscopy competency. It provides description of the complex interactions of the nasopharynx, pharynx and larynx. Muscle origins, functions, nerve innervations and vasculature structures are detailed in context of models and actual endoscopic images. Cost: $25

0012 Registration Screenshot Description: This course is designed for a beginning medical clinician or for the seasoned school-based therapist transitioning into a medical career. The lecture allows the learner to to ascertain fundamentals of bedside swallowing assessments including oral-motor exam, strategies to administers various textures, association of swallow distress with specific pathophysiologies, recommendations for objective testing, demonstration of compensatory positioning, guidance for altering diets, assistance with report writing and 5 case studies. Cost $40

Medical Complications of Dysphagia, COVER JPG Description: This course reviews medical complexities related to dysphagia. It specifically addresses the impact and symbiotic relationship that exists between nutrition, swallowing function and pulmonary status. It allows the medical speech pathologist to develop a greater understanding of the role that they play in not only managing swallowing abnormalities but also in facilitate general multi-system wellness. Specific ramifications related to interdisciplinary assessment and treatment are also reviewed. Cost: $15

COVER - comprehensive voice therapy guide Description: This course is designed to assist you in creating functional, efficient care plans for children and adults. It stresses the role of patient motivation in therapy and how to engage each individual in developing their own goals. Auditory training is provided to improve your differentiation of voice quality distortions. Specific therapeutic maneuvers relative to breathing, resonance, flexibility and positioning are discussed. Live therapy clips are interspersed throughout the lecture. Professional voice care for singers completes the course with differentiation of voice classifications and examples of how to modify singing or speaking production based on symptomology. Cost: $25

0011 Registration Screenshot Description: This lecture is designed to provide participants with a heightened understanding of the impact of respiratory disease and an artificial airway on voice and swallowing function. A review of the dynamics relating to respiratory failure and the need for tracheostomy tube placement will be provided. This will be accompanied by discourse on basic ventilator applications that include relevant settings/modes and the related impact on spontaneous breathing ability. Objective evaluation techniques to be employed with this population will be accompanied by restorative and rehabilitative clinical techniques that serve to enhance functional communication and safe swallowing ability. Audio and video examples will be provided in order to emphasize clinical efficacy of these techniques. Cost $50

School-Based Pediatric Voice Thearpy SCREENSHOT

Description: This course is designed for school-based clinicians to develop competence in identification and management of voice pathologies to extend beyond typical vocal hygiene and conservation protocols. Numerous audio and video samples are provided to demonstrate a wide variety of voice disorders, determine which students are good therapy candidates and what are the most efficient means to address the dysphonia therapeutically. Cost: $65

Interpretation of Abnormal FEES Description: This course is designed to provide clinicians with the foundations and principles required to perform methodical and accurate assessment and interpretation of FEES exams. Participants will be provided with a systematic technique to develop this process in concert with terminology that best describes specific nuances of normal and abnormal swallow physiology. Focus is placed on how to utilize diagnostic information from the examination in order to generate a meaningful and effective plan of care. The program provides variety of clinical case studies that highlight a broad array of clinical diagnoses will follow up discussion on impressions and recommendations. Cost: $40

ILS SCREENSHOT Description: This course details the continuum of hyperfunctional laryngeal symptoms spanning from throat clearing, chronic cough, muscle tension dysphonia to paradoxical vocal fold movement. Common etiologies are reviewed with interviewing strategies to determine what role behavioral therapy may have once irritants such as reflux, allergies and post-nasal drip are well controlled by the physician team. Cough suppression, muscle tension dysphonia remediation and vocal fold abduction for paradoxical vocal fold movement are discussed extensively. The lecture ends with audio samples of actual patients and 5 case studies. Cost: $25

FEES and biofeedback SCREENSHOT

Description: This course is designed to provide you with an understanding of the benefits of fiberoptic endoscopy as a therapeutic modality. We will review the rationale for use of biofeedback in the clinical arena with supportive evidenced-based data. You will be provided with the methodology for performing the technique with inclusion and exclusion criteria for determining candidacy. Specific video samples will be included in order to provide you with functional examples of the efficacy of the technique. Cost: $25

Interpreting & Documenting Videostrobe for SLP SCREENSHOT Description: The intent of this course is to demonstrate common abnormal findings during laryngeal videostroboscopy and how to utilize descriptive language within your scope of practice for interpretation. Numerous report examples are provided where the following parameters are assessed: true vocal folds, free edges, false vocal folds, glottal closure, AB/AD movement, mucosal wave, phase symmetry, periodicity, arytenoids, vertical height, secretions. Case studies are briefly discussed to illustrate potential causes of the pathologies and how they were managed. Cost: $15

Voice Pathology Case Studies SCREENSHOT

Description: This course essentially provides a virtual shadowing opportunity for an outpatient hospital based voice clinic. Varying diagnoses are encountered from young adult to elderly, audio clips of dysphonic voices and strobe examples whenever available. Detailed management strategies including physician collaboration, specific therapeutic techniques utilized and maintenance guidelines are discussed. Cost: $40


Description: This course is designed to provide clinicians with a basic understanding of the Affordable Care Act with emphasis on key clauses that will most strongly impact the healthcare delivery system and specifically, the subspecialty of medical speech pathology. Highlighted areas will include modified reimbursement rates, increased regulatory surveillance, cash-pay opportunities and projected supply/demand dilemmas. Speech pathologists will be given a variety of recommendations to assist with these transitions and promote optimal fiscal viability. Cost: $25

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