Videostroboscopy Interpretation


Acquiring rigid and flexible endoscopy competency for videostroboscopy is the tip of the iceberg.  Interpreting the exams skillfully for accurate and effective care delivery is a critical step of the process.  This course equips clinicians with exposure to common laryngeal pathologies, exam interpretation and report writing.  Ongoing dialogue of functional therapeutic and/or surgical applications is provided.  ASHA CEUs: 0.1 (Introductory; Professional Area).


Time ordered agenda

30 minutes – Prep for exam, aural acumen
30 minutes – Various pathologies, how to interpret and document
15 minutes – Case studies

Learning Objectives

1) Identify enhancement of videostroboscopy from halogen exam.
2) Discuss the function pairing of perceptual voice traits and how this affects treatment planning.
3) Detect 8+ common pathologies and formulate written report addressing all parameters assessed.


Erin Walsh, BM, MA, CCC-SLP
Financial: Owner of Endo Education, Employed by UC San Diego Health
Non-Financial: Developer of mobile dysphagia iOS and Android application, Swallow RehApp

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