*The Vocal Gift: Why People Can Sing #AAVT-0088


This lecture details neural networks unique to singers. It covers genetic studies, hemisphere dominance and specific structures that enlarge if stimulated during critical periods to acquire musical skill. Functional application of range, registers, aptitude and therapeutic targets are discussed. ASHA CEUs:  0.05  (Introductory Level; Professional Area).


Time ordered agenda

15 minutes – Genetic studies, training, neuroscience
15 minutes – Laryngeal appearance, ranges, registers

Learning Objectives

1) Define critical periods for musical acquisition.
2) Discuss the structures and networks important for singing acumen.
3) State features and function of larynges in context of range and registers.


Erin Walsh, BM, MA, CCC-SLP
Financial: Owner of Endo Education, Employed by UC San Diego Health
Non-Financial: Developer of mobile dysphagia iOS and Android application, Swallow RehApp

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