*Swallowing Begins at the Breast: The Importance of Neonatal Feeding and Swallowing Development #AAVT-0083


This course provides an overview of an outpatient feeding practice primarily addressing needs of healthy term and late pre-term neonates from perspective of an SLP with IBCLC certification. Normal feeding and swallowing is discussed with videos depicting successful breastfeeding based on latch and milk transfer. Barriers to feeding and interventions are discussed. The course ends with 3 brief case studies. ASHA CEUs:  0.05  (Introductory Level; Professional Area).


Time ordered agenda

10 minutes – IBCLC certification to enhance SLP feeding intervention role
10 minutes – Normal feeding patterns in first 30 days with video examples
10 minutes – Interventions that dually address feeding and milk production
10 minutes – Three case studies

Learning Objectives

1) Verbalize nuances of SLP feeding practice with lactation training.
2) Define 3 normal neonatal feeding patterns including typical volumes based on days of life.
3) Discuss 3 interventions to enhance infant weight gain, feeding efficiency and maternal milk supply.


Erin Walsh, MA, CCC-SLP, IBCLC
Financial: Owner of Endo Education, Employed by UC San Diego Health
Non-Financial: Developer of mobile dysphagia iOS and Android application, Swallow RehApp

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