*Medical Complications Of Dysphagia # AAVT-0097


This course reviews medical complexities related to dysphagia. It specifically addresses the impact and symbiotic relationship that exists among nutrition, swallowing function and pulmonary status. It allows the medical speech pathologist to develop a greater understanding of the role that they play in  not only managing swallowing abnormalities but also in facilitate general multi-system wellness. Specific ramifications related to interdisciplinary assessment and treatment are also reviewed.  ASHA CEUs: 0.05 (Intermediate Level; Professional Area).


Time ordered agenda

5 minutes – introduction
10 minutes – description of chief complications of dysphagia
15 minutes – implications related to assessment and treatment

Learning Objectives

1)  Describe chief medical complications of dysphagia
2)  Expand upon the relationship between dysphagia and malnutrition
3)  Identify key strategies to maximize effectiveness in assessment and treatment


Liza Blumenfeld
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