*Irritable Larynx Syndrome # AAVT-0054


This course details the continuum of hyperfunctional laryngeal symptoms spanning from throat clearing, chronic cough, muscle tension dysphonia to paradoxical vocal fold movement.  Common etiologies are reviewed with interviewing strategies to determine what role behavioral therapy may have once irritants such as reflux, allergies and post-nasal drip are well controlled by the physician team.   Cough suppression, muscle tension dysphonia remediation and vocal fold abduction for paradoxical vocal fold movement are discussed extensively. The lecture ends with audio samples of actual patients and 5 case studies. ASHA CEUs: 0.1 (Intermediate Level; Professional Area)


Time ordered agenda

30 minutes – description of ILS, co-morbidities contributing to symptoms, diagnostic techniques
20 minutes – therapeutic techniques
10 minutes – patient example, case studies

Learning Objectives

1)  State 3 potential etiologies of irritable larynx syndrome
2)  Verbalize the various presentations of ILS including chronic cough, muscle tension dysphonia and paradoxical vocal fold movement.
3)  Develop functional therapy goals for transdisciplinary behavioral and pharmacological management of ILS


Erin Walsh
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