*Interpretations Of Abnormal FEES # AAVT-0055


This course is designed to provide clinicians with the foundations and principles required to perform methodical and accurate assessment and interpretation of FEES exams. Participants will be provided with a systematic technique to develop this process in concert with terminology that best describes specific nuances of normal and abnormal swallow physiology. Focus is placed on how to utilize diagnostic information from the examination in order to generate a meaningful and effective plan of care. The program provides variety of clinical case studies that highlight a broad array of clinical diagnoses will follow up discussion on impressions and recommendations.  ASHA CEUs:  0.15  (Intermediate Level; Professional Area)



Time ordered agenda

30 minutes diagnostic process
15 minutes descriptive language for clinical documentation
45 minutes case studies.

Learning Objectives

1)  Formulate protocol for conducting inpatient and outpatient FEES.
2)  Describe specific therapeutic application of FEES for patients with dysphagia.
3)  Synthesize case history, bedside consult and FEES to develop functional and efficient care plans.


Liza Blumenfeld
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