*Anatomy & Physiology Course # AAVT-0098


This course is a meticulous overview of upper aerodigestive tract anatomy and physiology.  It serves as a foundation for professionals addressing the needs of patients with voice and swallowing problems and is especially critical when preparing for transnasal and transoral endoscopy competency. It provides description of the complex interactions of the nasopharynx, pharynx and larynx.  Muscle origins, functions, nerve innervations and vasculature structures are detailed in context of models and actual endoscopic images.  ASHA CEUs 0.1.  (Introductory Level; Professional Area)


Time ordered agenda

20 minutes – nasal cavity; strategies for high tolerance of unanesthetized transnasal endoscopy
20 minutes – nasopharynx and pharynx
20 minutes – larynx and upper esophagus

Learning Objectives

1) Verbalize 3 landmark structures when entering the nasal cavity with an endoscope.
2) Describe passage through nasal cavity that induces least discomfort during FEES exam.
3) Name structures involved in safe bolus transport from oral cavity to upper esophagus.
4) Provide name, function and innervation of 4 laryngeal muscles.


Krista Rodriguez-Bruno, MD
Financial:  Honorarium from Endo Education
Non-financial:  Nothing to disclose

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