Critical Analysis of Botox for Sialorrhea

Course Description

This course describes the clinical and social implications of sialorrhea. Methodologies of treatment are reviewed with specific emphasis on pharmacological vs. behavioral management strategies. Serotypes of botulinum toxins are presented and contrasted with specific therapeutic techniques that facilitate enhanced sensory processing to stimulate optimal motor response patterns.

Time ordered agenda

15 minutes – introduction to sialorrhea and review of botulinum toxin

20 minutes – overview of spontaneous swallowing and relevance to sialorrhea

20 minutes – review of optimal therapeutic techniques to enhance more frequent and effective swallowing

5 minutes  –  summary

Learning Objectives

1) Discuss social and physiologic manifestations of sialorrhea on patient safety and quality of life.

2) Compare and contrast pharmacological vs. behavioral methods of treating sialorrhea.

3) List varying types of botulinum toxin and explain how it impacts neuromuscular function.


Liza Blumenfeld

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